Advice And Tips For First Time Beagle Dog Owners

Whether you brought home a cute little beagle puppy or adopted a beautiful beagle from a pet rescue center, you should prepare yourself for challenges that may lie ahead. I’m sorry but it’s true, owning a beagle isn’t as easy as one might assume, especially if this is your first time owning a beagle dog.

First Time Beagle Puppy Owner HelpYour adorable four legged friend comes with a lot of responsibilities for which you should prepare ahead of time for. As a first time beagle dog owner you will need to know how much and when to feed him, how to train him, how to keep him healthy and that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

I know how overwhelming it can be to bring a beagle dog home for the first time, because I had been in same position as you with no clue on what I should do. So I jotted down couple of simple tips and advice for first time beagle dog owners. For a complete and detailed guide on training and taking care of a beagle dog, you should read Beagle Training: The Hidden Formula.

Schedule a Veterinarian Appointment Right Away

Your new puppy or full grown beagle dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian right away for any possible health problems. It’s important that you don’t put this off for later because even though the beagle pup might seem healthy, he can still be very ill and require help.

I see a lot of first time beagle dog owners that forget all about their veterinary visits because they get caught up with the excitement of owning a beagle dog for the first time. So please if you haven’t already, call in and make an appointment for a check-up.

Don’t Put Training Off For Later

Beagle Chewing Headphones HELPA very common question that I get from first time beagle dog owners is “When should I start training my beagle?” Well the truth is that you start training your beagle the moment that he enters your home without you even realizing it!

Your beagle dog is watching everything you do and learning from everything you let him do. Make sure you don’t let him misbehave just because he is still a puppy, and looks cute doing it. Instead, start teaching good behavior from an early age by only allowing him do things which you will allow him do once he is older.

Don’t Over-Feed Your Beagle

I’m sure the breeder or the vet at the animal shelter gave you some doggy food and a recommended the amount you should feed your beagle per day, but what do you once your beagle grows bigger? How much more should you feed him?

What new beagle dog owners tend to do is rely on the back of the dog food cans for portion size. This might work with some of the brands, but unfortunately not with the majority of the popular dog food brands on the market today.

This is because dog food companies want you to feed your beagle more so they can sell you more and overestimate the portion size for the weight of your beagle. Instead, ask your veterinarian how much you should feed your beagle to keep him healthy and not overweight.

More Tips and Advice for New Beagle Dog Owners

I know firsthand how overwhelming the responsibilities can be of owning a beagle dog because I had faced some of the worst problems any first time beagle owner could have and had to deal with them on my own. I’ve struggled with my beagle and I don’t want the same for anyone else.

Owning a beagle for the first time should be a joyful and fun experience which is why I wrote Beagle Training: The Hidden Formula. It covers all the important aspect of owning a beagle dog, so that the most experienced dog owner and trainer can learn something, and simple enough for a first time beagle owner to understand.

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