Training New Tricks To a Beagle Dog

One of my favorite things to do with my dogs, right next to playing fetch, is to teach them some new wacky and interesting tricks. It’s quite amazing what kind of tricks you can teach your beagle with just a couple of treats.

It’s a great way to spend time with your dog and it’s also a good way to build on and improve obedience training. The best part is that my dogs are excited about training. To them it’s almost like playing a fun new game.

Of course I don’t always try to train my dogs new commands, sometimes we just go over the ones they already know to refresh their memory, but they still seem to enjoy it.

So I wanted to share some basic tricks that you could start training your beagle starting to your four legged friend today.

Training Beagle To Sit

Sit – To train your beagle to sit all you will need is a treat in your hand and your beagle’s full attention. This command should be the first one that you teach your beagle becomes it comes in handy when training other tricks.

Training a Beagle to Lay Down

Lay Down – You definitely need to train your beagle to sit before you move on to “lay down”. Call him over and get him to sit still in front of you and only then try to teach him this command.

Once he is sitting down, getting him to lay down and only then give him the treat.

Teaching a Beagle to Come To You

Come – This is a very important command and I wouldn’t even consider it a “trick” but I still want to include it here. It’s vital that your dog learns to respond to come without any hesitation or delay whenever you call him.

Remember that you need to be consistent in your training so don’t switch commands with each other like “Come” and “Come here”. Always stick to only one of the commands.

Play Dead

This one can be a little bit tricky to teach to your dog because you want him to play dead for a couple of seconds before you give him the treat, but if he doesn’t get the treat right away he will think he is doing something wrong and will try doing something else.

So what I suggest you do is teach your beagle just to get into the “play dead” position first. It doesn’t matter how long he stays in that position, give him the treat as soon as he does it.

Once he gets more responsive to the “play dead” command, you can start increasing the time between playing dead and the moment you reward him with praise and some treats.

Beagle Roll Over

Roll Over

There is something so cute about a beagle dog rolling over. I just love this trick and my dogs know that if they want something that rolling over is the best way to get whatever it Is that they want.

The beagle will need to know the “Lay Down” command before he can learn roll over. So if you havened taught him that already, go do it!

How to Train a Beagle To Fetch

Fetch – Fetch is a fun game that you can play with your dog at the park, your back yard or even inside. It gets your beagles little legs moving and mind thinking.

I play fetch with my dogs almost every evening that way by the time they get home, they are tired and ready for sleep.

All you need to teach your beagle fetch is a ball and a couple of treats. Once he learns to fetch completely, you can remove the treats and make it into a game.
Train Your Beagle New Tricks

If you are curious on how to get your beagles full trust and attention so that he WANTS to learn new things and doesn’t feel forced, I highly suggest you pick up my guide.

Beagle Training: Hidden Formula

I struggled with my dog in the beginning and after trying many training methods I realized that there is a lot of junk information out there,

That is why I went out and spoke to knowledgeable trainers, other beagle owners and lovers as well as anyone else who I could get a hold of to learn what makes a beagles mind tick.

Now I’m happy to say that I have probably the most adorable and obedient beagle and have the dog of my dream.