Beagle Dog Breed

The Beagle dog breed is known for being strong and appealing dog breed with lots of energy. Just like other hound dogs, beagle dogs were bread for hunting. Their amazing sense of smell and small body size gave them the edge that they need to track down small prey.

Beagle dog

Those same instincts that made the beagle dog breed popular in earlier days are still present in modern day beagles. If you own a beagle then you already know that their nose always leads them into trouble and you’re probably already familiar with their distinct howl whenever they find a new scent.

Whenever these guys catch a strange new smell, their curiosity takes over and they forget everything else around them. Their new goal is to find the source of that smell!

However, that doesn’t mean that beagles are all business and no play. Spend any amount of time with a beagle dog and you will learn just how much these dogs love to play. Despite their small size, they are packed with energy and can play for hours, which makes them perfect for families with kids.

Beagle Attitude and Personality

This breed is intelligent and well-tempered. Beagles love to spend time outdoors and explore new territory. The newly discovered scents and smells fuel their natural curiosity. And once they find that smell, they will howl to alert their owners that they just found a new lead.

They are also known for being good family dogs. Their playfulness and fun-loving attitude makes them good candidates for families with children. They love to play games or do any other physically involved activities.

Physical Characteristics

Beagles are small to medium sized scent hound dogs. They can vary between 13 and 15 inches at shoulder height and their weight is around 20-35 pounds.

Since they are a type of hound dog, all their coats can come in several of “hound” color schemes. Popular colors include tan, black, white and lemon.

Care Requirements

Daily exercise

Daily exercise such as walks and occasional runs is required for this breed because they are natural hunters. Taking out your beagle dog to the park couple of times a week is perfect to keep the beagle dog in shape and healthy.

Since they are relatively small dogs, they don’t consume too much food. You should watch your beagle’s weight and how much food you give him. Overfeeding is a common problem in this breed, so make sure you give the right amount of food along with plenty of exercise.

Intelligence and Ease of Training

Beagle dogs are very intelligent and can quickly pick up all kinds of tricks. The catch however is that you need to know how to keep your dog’s attention during training at all times. They can easily get distracted if the training sessions are too long/boring.

Overall though, they are smart dogs and are easy to train if you know what you’re doing. As long as you know how to keep their attention, you can train them a lot of interesting and cool tricks.

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