Beagle Puppy Training

Beagle puppies are a lot like children. They are curious little troublemakers that want to try everything out for themselves even if their “parents” say otherwise.

Puppy Training Tip

The good news however is that there are a few tricks you can use to keep your Beagle puppy obedient and under control. They will also help you raise that puppy into a well socialized adult dog further down the road.

Puppy Training Tip – Socialize Early

Puppies need to learn how to behave around other people, not just their family members. If you don’t want them embarrassing you in public, teach them to behave outside while they are young. The best thing you can do for your Beagle puppy is to take him with you everywhere you go.

Even small chores like dropping off the mail at the mailbox can seem like interesting adventures to your puppy. Walking down the street with him will also help him get familiar with your neighbors, which means less howling when they walk by your house.

Usually when I take a puppy for a walk, I’m prepared to be stopped by nearly everyone I met and answer questions about my puppy. Most people can’t help themselves when they see an adorable Beagle puppy walking by. Use this opportunity to teach your dog how to behave in social situations.

Puppy Training Tip – Correct Bad Behavior

One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is letting their puppies misbehave while they are young. They might seem harmless when they are play fighting, growling and nipping at you while young, but once they are older the bites will hurt a lot more.

eagle Puppy Training

This doesn’t apply just to biting and chewing. All bad behavior that you want your Beagle to do as an adult should be corrected while they are young. For example, if you don’t want your Beagle to get on our furniture when he is older, don’t let him do it while he is young either.

Unlearning bad habits is much tougher than it is to learn new ones. So don’t let bad behavior turn into to a habit with your Beagle puppy. If you catch him doing something bad, stop him and train him to behave, no matter how innocent or adorable he might look.

Beagle Puppy Training – Start Early

The best tip for beagle training I can give you is starting early. You can start teaching your beagle some basic commands like “come” and “sit” early and then build on it as your dog gets older.

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