Beagle Dog Food And Diet

Diet plays an important role in your Beagle’s well-being and overall health. Feeding your dog with quality food will help improve your dog’s mood, energy and also extend their lifespan.  If you want a dog that’s healthy and happy, the first place to start is improving your dog’s diet.

Your Beagle depends on a variety of vitamins and nutrients in his food. If he doesn’t get the right amount, then your dog’s immune system will get weaker and that’s when you start seeing health problems rise up.

Benefits of a Healthy Beagle Dog Food Diet

When comparing two dogs on different diets, you can clearly tell which one is given the better food. Here are some benefits of giving a healthy diet to your Beagle:

Increase Overall Health – Dogs given good food with minimal fillers and additives will have a much better immune system. This means their bodies will be able to fight off different bacteria and viruses much easier. This in return means fewer visits to the vet.

Shinier coat and less shedding – A Beagle on a healthy diet will have a glowing coat and will shed much less. It’s normal for dogs to shed, but constant heavy shedding could be a sign that your dog is lacking some of the important vitamins and nutrients.

More energy – If your Beagle is always sluggish and is always being lazy, it could be that he doesn’t have enough energy to run around and play. Try changing the diet with better food to see if your dog’s energy and mood improves.

Get rid of constant hunger – Dog food that’s filled with “fillers” and additives will make your dog feel full but at the same time still hungry. If your Beagle is gaining a lot of weight and still is constantly hungry, it could be that he is hungry for better nutrition.

Note* The last point isn’t always true for all Beagles. Some Beagle dogs will never turn away a meal no matter how healthy they are. It’s completely normal for a Beagle to finish his plate and then turn around and ask for seconds.

Beagle Raw Food Diet

Feeding your Beagle with raw food seems to be the most natural way to go. Since dogs obviously can’t cook, their bodies are designed to digest raw food. A raw food diet for your Beagle will keep your Beagle lean and strong.

The only downside to this diet is that the germs that you would normally kill off with cooking will remain there if you serve the food raw. On the other side, your Beagle’s body was designed to deal with those germs and bacteria so they can handle raw food just fine for the most part.

So if you decide to feed your Beagle with raw food (raw meats and vegetables) then always make sure the food you give to your dog is fresh and clean.

Homemade Beagle Dog Food

The biggest advantage of homemade dog food over commercial dog food is that since you are the one making it, you are in complete control of what your Beagle eats and doesn’t eat. Most Beagles actually appreciate homemade dog food because it tastes better.

There are tons of homemade dog food recipes available and you can try different ones until you find the right food for your Beagle. You can also include some raw food into your recipe if you’d like.

Beagles are originally from England, with their main source of food being rich carbohydrates such as potatoes,beets, wheat, and corn and meat such as rabbits, mutton, and poultry. If you wanted to make a home cooked meal for your beagle dog you could cook a cup of vegetables until tender, and 2 pounds of your pets favorite meat. Wait until the food is completely cool before serving it to your puppy.

The meat is rich in protein to give your pup lots of energy, and vegetables to supply the nutrition to keep them healthy. Make sure you completely cook whatever meat you choose to be sure to rid the meat of bacteria completely. Food that is home cooked can be richer in nutrition than canned dog food.

Although it takes time to cook the dog food yourself, and sometimes it costs more than some of the dog food brands, it’s a much better option to make the food yourself. Your Beagle will be much happier and healthier if he is fed with quality food.

How Much Food You Should Feed Your Beagle

How much you should feed your beagle puppy mainly depends on what type of food your feeding it. Premium Brand foods are recommended and you will have to feed him/her less food (about 2 cups per day), which in the long run means less poop for you to scoop. If your feeding your beagle a less expensive grocery store brand, they will eat more food (about 3 cups).

Puppies need more food than grown adults, the amount you feed them should increase while they’re growing, but level off when they reach full maturity. An easy way to find the exact amount of how much you should feed them is by twice as much volume of food per pound of body weight.

Beagles are not picky eaters and will eat just about anything that you drop on the floor, so make sure you drop nothing harmful! Beagles diets should also be rich in vitamin A,B, and D. You should also always make sure they have a bowl of water to keep them hydrated, and when they are stressed they will drink more.

Why most dog food brands are bad for your Beagle

Many dog food brands on the market are less than desirable for your dog. If it weren’t for the additives that add flavor and smell, your Beagle probably wouldn’t even go near 80% of the dog food that is being sold today. I’m not saying all the dog food is worthless fillers and junk, but a high percentage of them are.

Some dog food companies Just don’t care about the well-being of their customers dogs. For them it’s all about the bottom line – the profits. That’s why it’s important that you do your research before you purchase any dog food brand.

You would be shocked at what the greedy corporations are willing to put into your Beagles food bowl if it meant they could make a couple of pennies more. I won’t go into the details, but trust me… some of that stuff is plain out disgusting!


  1. Nancy, expert about Beagle training says:

    I cook for my Beagle. I want to make sure that the food he eats is 100% safe and of course, I don’t want to spend a lot in dog food.

  2. Rawfood says:

    Raw food and diet has huge benefits for your Beagle. Your dog keeps healthy, energetic and active. I also feed my puppy raw and diet foods he is truly very naughty and I love him.

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