How much treats should i feed my dog a day?

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by Perfecto Insecto

Question by Melinda: How much treats should i feed my beagle dog a day?
He is a jackchi around 18-20 pounds. Each bag of beagle dog treats have different serving suggestions but how much treats all together should i feed him in a day. How many different kinds of treats can i feed him a day?

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Answer by MurkaGlamurka
i dont feed treats at all, its not good for them. I spoil her with piece of banana, apple, avocado or something else healthy, but i never use treats for training

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  1. Art Girl says:

    I don’t suggest treats ever, most treats are actually really fattening but if you get one and break it into pieces its better than giving him 5 or 6 a day on top of his daily food. Oh and little pieces of ham, or fruits, or veggies, or chicken or meat are a lot better and healthier.

  2. Jordan S. says:

    Tiny pieces of chopped hot dog or his own kibble, since he LOVES his regular food.

  3. Lil Miss Blondie <3 says:

    Well I feed my dogs treat whenever they deserve them. Like if they use the restroom outside, or something. So prolly about 4 treats/day to each dog.

  4. slammamama says:

    no treats unless you’re training, then just a wee taste of something,

    treats are the junk food of the dog world. they’re not good for them, rot their teeth, are made of pure crap, and giving them regularly dilutes the purpose of a treat, which is to reward or encourage certain behaviours.

  5. Nikko,GSD&Peke Lvr says:

    I give my dogs healthy treats.They get a baby carrot after they eat in the morning and after they eat at night.In between they get Post mini shredded wheat..(sugarless of couse)..Helps if your dogs have anal gland problems also,,

  6. Kira says:

    If you are training a dog, I suggest no treats at all. The treats that you get from the pet store are fattening and bad for your dog just like junk food is for us. When you are training your dog, giving praise and getting hyper when he/she does something right can be a treat enough for some dogs. But if that doesn’t work, you should consider taking a kibble out of the dog’s food for treats. That way if you do give him/her a substantial amount of treats , you can just take it out of his dinner that night. Also healthy treats like grapes, carrots, and my dog’s personal favorite, bananas, can be better than the fatty treats you are giving him now.

    If all of these suggestions fail to work, the most treats you should be giving your dog us around 3-5 kibble sized treats. Good luck with your dog !

  7. Panini & Chowder Frever <3 says:

    3, if he behaves.

  8. Jessica says:

    Don’t listen to the first poster. NEVER give your dog avocado, it’s toxic to dogs. Use treats as a reward, give them to the dog when he does a really good thing, like come when called to, etc.

  9. Shannon says:

    Treats should make up about 10% of your dog’s diet. It is hard to say exactly how many treats to give per day without knowing the kind of treat or the size of the treat. I’d say anywhere between 3 and 8, but as I said it depends. Feel free to mix it up a bit, you don’t have to stick to only one kind of treat (although this is different for food – any change for that should be gradual).

    As for all treats being “bad”, that is just not the case. Consider purchasing some of the natural brand’s treats, such as Natural Balance, Wellness, Halo, BilJac, etc. If you are concerned about calorie content, there are options such as the Charlie Bear treats (which are only one calorie each).

    Unfortunately, some of the things deemed “healthy” in some of these other responses are actually TOXIC to your dog such as avacado and grapes. Some other things to avoid are raisins, chocolate, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, and of course alcohol.

    You may also want to consider giving the occassional Greenie or Nutrident treat. Your dog will greatly enjoy them and you will too since it helps fight plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

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