How can I train my Border collie puppy to not attack/kill our chickens when she is an adult?

Question by dolly: How can I train my Border collie beagle puppy to not attack/kill our chickens when she is an adult?
We are getting a Border collie beagle puppy, though we have lots and lots of chickens. How can I train her not to try and attack or kill them, could I keep her in side most of the time and supervise her every time she goes out? We have a small sized beagle dog and he doesn’t take an interest in Chickens. Can i some how train the Border collie to see chickens as friends??
lol thank you for reading =]

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Answer by Jenny
Find someone in your area that trains border collies for herding; she can teach you how to teach the beagle puppy to respect the chickens and be gentle with them.

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  1. BYBs are small puppy mills says:

    Your best bet would probably be to socialize her with the chickens.. supervise her, but take her outside often and just hang out around them.

    If she seems to be pestering them at all, correct her, and praise her for all appropriate interactions.

    There’s no guarantees that she wont kill them, but if she’s around them often enough, she’s less likely to see them as prey.

  2. Magpie says:

    A Border Collie is more likely to try rounding your chickens up than attacking them. Supervise her very carefully (on a leash) the first time you introduce her to them, and give her a squirt of water in the face (not in the eyes) if she tries to grab one – but again, my bet is she’ll try toround them up. Google herding dogs to try for some tips on how the farmers introduce pups to livestock.

  3. Greg L says:

    with out a doubt the collie can be trained with alot of hard work but why do you want youre pet to kill chickens. well good luck with the training!!!

  4. Aylla says:

    Once a dog has the taste of chicken you cannot train them to stop. most of them have to get put down.. so make sure whenever your dog goes outside you have it on a leash or don’t go where the chickens are at all!! If your lucky your dog won’t take interest in the chickens but it’s better to be safe then sorry because some dogs do!!

    Good luck

  5. Doglover says:

    the border collie is most likely going to try to herd the chickens and that can sometimes result in nipping, i dont know how to train them not to go after them but i would see if your breeder knows anything about this or mabe even your vet

  6. Josh says:

    you could chain her/him up untill he gets used to having chickens around and when you see he tries to run at one growl at him, and say ‘NO!’ and he will stop.
    hope this helps. :)

  7. Katie says:

    Border Collies are usually very intelligent and very, very willing to please. Unless your border collie is very untypical, I bet you will have no problem training her to not eat chickens. I have a wolf/malamute mix and easily managed to train him not to eat chickens.
    Also, as everybody else has mentioned, Border Collies usually have crazy herding instincts. Especially if it is a ‘well bred’ collie. I have some friends with a border collie who basically lives to herd the chickens. It’s kind of scary when you first see it, you think she’s attacking, but she knows not to nip and will only round them up. It’s really fun to watch. If you shout her name and then “the chickens got out!” she races off to the chicken yard to try to get them back into the pen.
    Anyway, I would NOT reccomend keeping her away from the chickens most of the time. Instead, start her with the chickens kind of quickly, while she’s still young. Also, expose her to them frequently, especially as she ages. Be very firm and give a strong “No” if she ever growls, nips, or paws at the chickens. Let her know that touching them is not allowed. As I said, border collies usually have a strong drive to please their owner/handler and a scolding will probably go a long way.

    Good luck!

  8. Kedge- BC lover! says:

    You need to socialize your puppy with them from a very young age. Teach her how to behave appropriately with them and use lots of praise when she does the right thing. Don’t leave her unsupervised with the chickens because she may harm them intentionally or unintentionally. Most likely she will try to herd them, you should discourage this behavior. Your puppies natural instinct will tell her to keep them together, if one of the chooks tries to make a run for it she will attempt to stop it by nipping it. Although to a sheep a nip is nothing to a chook this could cause serious damage. Some border collies have a very strong herding instinct so they can not always be trained out of this. I would recommend supervising your border collie at all times with the chickens as even the tamest dog can accidentally hurt a chicken. Good luck!

  9. Sajana says:

    It is one of the common problem.why don’t you try to divert his mind in other activities and if possible keep your puppy away from your chicks for some time it might also solve your problem.Ad when it attacks your chickens scold him and also give him a simple punishment so that after sometime it will stop attacking your chicken.I hope my suggession help to solve your problem and if you have any other problem relating your prts then please visit the site

  10. Britany I says:

    I wish I had a a border collie.

  11. iR0T says:

    When she goes near them, correct her.
    Could take a while.

    To add motivation to you.

    If she eats one, 90% sure she will die.
    Chicken bones splinter their throats and stomachs.
    Also she’lll probably get sick from eating them.
    (I think the splintering might only be if thier cooked bones, though i’m not sure)

    Don’t keep her inside, you want them to socialize, just as you would have her greet the smaller dog, and cats, small children, etc.

    Have her outside with them for time periods, if she bothers them, correct, if she normally nicely plays with them, let her.

    Also praise for good behavior, because she might act up just to get “Negative attention”

  12. GRACE Q says:

    you are getting a working dog that has in built Instinct to round up any thing that is running around . so be for you get one that by the way need a lot of exercise get a book and read about them first . my border is 2 and we have spent hours just throwing a ball for him to chase because that’s what they do we also do 4 hourly walks a day and he still wants to play so think about it

  13. Tony Bodsworth says:

    I have a Border Collie that is 15 months old and has been brought up with chooks since he was 2 months old on our farm, I was away overnight and when I came home I found he had killed one of the chooks and was in the process of eating it.
    He would round the chooks up keep them away from the tractor at times and I felt it was quite safe, but a dog is a dog and I now have a decision to make as the chooks are not safe and I thought foxes would be the problem.

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